Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Fun—Lee’s Bicycles

You might remember me telling you that my husband gave me a bicycle for Christmas. A polka dot bike!

Isn’t it gorgeous? And it goes so nicely with my bookmarks!

I finally went out yesterday and bought a helmet and lights and a bell for the handlebar, and took the bike for a spin. The bike still needs a new seat—I want a big, wide white one—but still haven’ t found exactly what I’m looking for.

We also found this old coaster bike, and my husband is going to fix it up for me, too.

Someone added front brakes, which he will remove, and left it out in the rain, hence all the rust. He’s going to clean it up and give it a fresh coat of paint—and this one definitely needs a new seat! I still haven’t decided what color it should be. It’s currently a drab army green, but I’ll definitely go for something livelier than that. Any suggestions?

Until next time,

Click here to see my refurbished coaster bike!


Rachel said...

Your new bike is a work of art! Your husband did a magnificent job, and I can't wait to see what he does with the next one!

Anonymous said...

Lee, it's just beautiful! But are you going to ride to your next booksigning on it?? hee hee


Lee McKenzie said...

Rachel, he'll be delighted that you think it's a work of art!

I think the new one will have a two-tone color scheme. Just haven't figured out what that color will be.

Lee McKenzie said...

LOL, Shelley! There's a thought!

And I love your new cover!

Marin Thomas said...

Lee--I love your new bike! I've got several neighbors who've purchsed old bikes, painted them wild colors and then stuck them in their gardens and put pots of flowers in the baskets or on the seats--they make great garden art!

A Cowboy Christmas (Dec 09)

Gillian Layne said...

Lee, I love them! Your second bike? I'd go for a delicious citrus orange.

Lee McKenzie said...

Marin, I love the idea of using an old bike for garden art. Old wooden kitchen chairs with holes cut in the seats for pots are great, too. My husband likes to take old bikes and get them back in good working condition.

Lee McKenzie said...

Oooh, Gillian! You've given me an idea. Bright orange bike with cream-colored fenders, chain guard and seat. Yummy! That's definitely going on the list of possibilities.

Sheryll G. said...

Lee, your bike is indeed lovely. What a thoughtful gift. Orange and cream? Yum, what fun summer colours.


Anita said...

I love that bike, Lee. I'm glad you are getting all the safety equipment, lights, reflectors and a helmet. I have come so close to hitting a cyclist at night who is wearing dark clothing and not a light or reflector.

Add a safety vest!

Anita Birt said...

I posted a brilliant comment and accidentally lost it. Boo Hoo. Love that jazzy bike. Wear a safety vest when you hit the road and good lights. I came close to hitting a cyclist last week. It was dark. He wore dark clothing, no lights, no reflectors. Scary.

Enjoy your wheels

Lee McKenzie said...

I agree, Sheryll. Reminds me of a creamsicle!

Lee McKenzie said...

Anita, I won't be riding a bicycle after dark, but even in the daytime I think it's important to use lights and be as visible as possible.

Jodie Esch said...

What a cool bike! I love those old classic styles, especially with great baskets. What a wonderful present.

Lee McKenzie said...

I'm on the lookout for baskets, Jody. I saw a hot pink one that would be a fun addition to the polka dot bike, although maybe a tad over the top ;)

Mickey in Edmo said...

Well, I like the colours of the polka dot bike, but I would leave the older one as is.
Make the old bike safer,(new tyres, adjust brakes,add lights ,etc)If you retain the natural "patina" you'll still have a functioning yet funky unit.
Like laugh lines, those scratches and dents have a story to tell.