Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fitness 101

I'm blogging today with the Harlequin American Romance Authors about my new fitness regime. Please join me if you can.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Week’s News

Here it is, the middle of February, and I’m way behind with many of my 2010 goals. To be honest, I still haven’t finished setting my quarterly goals for this year. My office overhaul is still in progress, my intention to blog more frequently is still an intention, and my website is in desperate need of an update. I think I need an assistant.

On the plus side, I’m writing more—a lot more—and loving it. Even better, it’s fun again. After two years of health challenges, this feels wonderful!

I have more energy and I’m getting quite a bit of exercise. Instead driving everywhere, I’ve starting riding my beautiful polka dot bike. And I’m taking part in a walking clinic. I’ll be doing a 5K walk on March 7 and a 10K walk on April 25. Me! Walking 10 kilometers! Who could have predicted that?

Other news:

  • on the weekend I completed the page proofs for Firefighter Daddy (July 2010) and sent them to my editor
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Fun—Lee’s Bicycles

You might remember me telling you that my husband gave me a bicycle for Christmas. A polka dot bike!

Isn’t it gorgeous? And it goes so nicely with my bookmarks!

I finally went out yesterday and bought a helmet and lights and a bell for the handlebar, and took the bike for a spin. The bike still needs a new seat—I want a big, wide white one—but still haven’ t found exactly what I’m looking for.

We also found this old coaster bike, and my husband is going to fix it up for me, too.

Someone added front brakes, which he will remove, and left it out in the rain, hence all the rust. He’s going to clean it up and give it a fresh coat of paint—and this one definitely needs a new seat! I still haven’t decided what color it should be. It’s currently a drab army green, but I’ll definitely go for something livelier than that. Any suggestions?

Until next time,

Click here to see my refurbished coaster bike!