Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday News

Lots going on this week.

First, thanks to my daughter's diligence, accompanied by a small amount of nagging and a lot of hand holding, I’m on Facebook. I have a regular page and a fan page where I’ll be posting info about upcoming events and other fun stuff. Feel free to "friend" me and "like" me!

Firefighter Daddy has received a 4-Star Review from Romantic Times Magazine, and I am a thrilled!

“As proud of her hippie roots as he is befuddled, Mitch and Rory are as different as night and day. McKenzie’s characters are warm and inviting and keep the reader entertained throughout...”
I’m attending the Write On, Vancouver conference this weekend. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s in Vancouver and I’m especially looking forward to meeting with my Harlequin editor, Johanna Raisanen.

Workwise, I’m busily revising The Wedding Bargain.

Oh, and perhaps the best news of all. The new housekeeper starts today. So all of the above and a clean house. Life is good.

Until next time,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Eagle Watch

Today I'm blogging with the Harlequin American Romance Authors about the Hornby Island Eagle Cam. Drop by and see some wonderful photos of a baby bald eagle!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week’s News

I’m deep into revisions of The Wedding Bargain (Harlequin American Romance, January 2011) right now, which partly accounts for my having been MIA for a bit. I thought the book was “done” when I submitted it, but my editor has made some wonderful suggestions that will make the story so much better. I’m excited!

Last Saturday’s foray into the farmers’ markets yielded a glorious bunch of fresh leeks that immediately went into a pot of leek and potato soup. Delicious. As the weeks pass, there'll be a greater variety of fruit and vegetables at the markets. Good things to come!

The official times for the Mother’s Day 10K Walk that my daughter and I participated in were finally posted. I finished in 1:25:47, shaving a little over two minutes off my time in the race I did two weeks earlier. Yay me!

On the home front, I have hired a housekeeper to come in twice a month. She starts next week and I can hardly wait! In addition to cleaning, she’s going to help with some decluttering. You might remember the ambitious office overhaul I embarked on last winter. Well...I did make some progress but then got stalled. Got started again this week and cleared out the storage closet, but there’s still much to do. Having someone to help will keep me motivated. I hope. I’ll keep you posted.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday News

Lots going on this week.

My daughter and I walked in a 10K race on Mother's Day. It was a gorgeous morning and a perfect start to a wonderful day. We're still waiting for our official times to be posted, but we think we finished in about an hour and twenty-six minutes.

I'm anticipating revisions on The Wedding Bargain later this week, so it's nail-biting time!

Today is release day for this month's Harlequin American Romances.

The Baby Twins
by Laura Marie Altom

The Maverick
by Jan Hudson

The Accidental Sherriff
by Cathy McDavid

Dream Daddy
by Daly Thompson

Find out more about these four great reads and check out the gorgeous covers at

Happy reading!

Untile next time,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Warm wishes to all the moms out there.

My daughter and I are walking in a 10K race this morning—it's a fundraiser for the local center for the Deaf and hard of hearing—and then we're heading home for a family brunch.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family, and I hope someone else does the dishes.

Until next time,


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food for Thought—Farmers’ Markets

Summer must be right around the corner because the farmers’ markets are back! This morning was my first expedition to the markets this season. Today I bought a head of garden-fresh red butter lettuce—picked this morning!—and a jar of wildflower honey. I bought honey from the same vendor last year. Best honey ever.

I turned the lettuce into a salad when I came home and served it with grilled lemon-tarragon chicken. Yum.

Until next time,