Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday News—It Just Doesn’t Get Old

What a fun week I've had! I did my first ever solo book signing last Friday, met and chatted with lots of readers, and autographed fifteen copies of Firefighter Daddy.

Last Wednesday the Saskatoon StarPhoenix ran a feature story about me, and as a result I've been invited to contribute copies of my Harlequin American Romance novels to a collection of books written by former students of the University of Saskatchewan. I feel completely honored.

On Sunday afternoon I dashed around to local department stores, drug stores, etc., that sell Harlequin American Romances, and did a little book merchandising. Snapped this photo of Firefighter Daddy on a shelf next to Marin Thomas’s Dexter: Honorable Cowboy.

Have you ever seen two more sighworthy heroes? I’m serious when I say THIS NEVER GETS OLD!

This week I’m teaming up with Sharon Ashwood for another book signing. Here are the details:

Saturday, July 24
1 to 4 pm
Save On Foods ~ Deli Department
3510 Blanshard Street, Victoria

We’ll have treats and giveaways, and everyone who buys a copy of Firefighter Daddy will get the recipe for my favorite potato salad. After all, if we're going to be in the deli, we might as well have a picnic!

If you can’t join me this Saturday, I’ll be doing another signing on Saturday, August 7. I’ll post those details in a week or so.

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Happy reading!



Alexis Morgan said...

Darn, Lee--wish I could be there at the signing. I love your books and Sharon's, too. Tell her hi for me--

Hope your fans turn out in droves!

Marin Thomas said...


What a fun place for a book siging! You're so creative. Love the picture of our books on the store shelf :-)

I hope the signing goes well--you've got a great cover for Firefighter Daddy--he's one hunky hero!

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Alexis! Droves would good!

Lee McKenzie said...

Hi, Marin!

Yes, my Firefighter Daddy is definitely a hottie ;)
And so is your cowboy! It's a great month for American Romance covers!

Jodie Esch said...

That's an excellent first 'solo' book signing. Sounds like you had a great time.

Gillian Layne said...

I am so glad you're having fun! How I wish I were coming West instead of going south. Someday! :)

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Jodie! I did have a great time.

I had a lovely chat with a man and his teenage son who bought a book for their wife/mother. They said she had hundreds of Harlequins at home and they were really excited to be taking an autographed book to her. So sweet!

Lee McKenzie said...

Of course you're going south, Gillian - you're a Golden Heart finalist! My friend Jacqui Nelson is also a finalist this year and I'm so glad you're in different categories. I can cheer for both of you!