Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday News

I attended the Write On, Vancouver Conference this weekend. Great workshops and speakers, reconnected with old friends, made some new ones and, best of all, got to spend time with my Harlequin editor, Johanna Raisanen.

This week I’ll be busy with revisions to The Wedding Bargain and plans for the July 13th release of Firefighter Daddy.

On Sunday while I was still in Vancouver, I bought a butternut squash risotto cake a take-out deli counter. A delicious twist on risotto, which is something I make fairly often, so this month I’m going to post my favorite risotto recipes on Food for Thought Fridays.

Until next time,


Lisa McManus Lange said...

Hi Lee....Just had to say how generous of you to put books in for the draw (that I didn't win, anyways). Love your blog, and LOVED the bangle bracelet. Lisa

Lee McKenzie said...

Thank you, Lisa :)
It's so nice to know you enjoy the blog.
Love your icon! Gerberas are one of my favorite flowers.