Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lee’s Office, continued

Yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on the first set of shelves I described on Wednesday. So far I have:
  • packed up the old all-in-one printer, advertised it on a free website as was suggested by one commenter, and it was gone within two hours. I even delivered it!
  • earned $3 by returning the toner cartridge to Office Depot to be recycled. They didn’t give me cash, but it went on my Worklife Rewards as a credit. How cool is that?
  • sorted the books and filled a box with those I no longer need. The box is still here because I will be adding to it. Meanwhile, I will search out a secondhand book store that buys books.
  • filled my little blue box with paper
It would be great to dive in and work non-stop till this is done, but I’m also working on revisions plus writing a new book right now, and those are my priority. However, now that I’ve started clearing out a lot of the stuff I don’t need, I feel motivated to keep going.

Still to do:
  • sort the photographic slides and pack them away
  • find a home for all my freelance projects
  • admire all the empty shelfspace
Next up will be my storage closet. It’s filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves, and those are filled with a lot of stuff I don’t need and never use. The perfect home for archiving my freelance projects, if only there was room.

Until next time,


Gillian Layne said...

Go Lee! What a great way to start the month. :)

I need to do the sort and purge thing with my books. Seriously, it's getting ridiculous, and I know there are books on my shelves that are not getting read again. But my instinct is to keep everything!

Thanks for giving us a blow-by-blow on how you're tackling the project. It gives me a better idea on how to start.

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Gillian!

Parting with books is never easy, but I have so many...too many!...and it's time for some of them...many of them! grace someone else's shelves.