Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday News

This month the Harlequin American Romance Authors are blogging about settings. Tomorrow (June 24) is my blog day and I’ll be talking about San Francisco—the setting for my next two books. Stop by and find out what inspired those stories.

In August I’ll be posting a series of blogs on Canines with Careers. Watch for more details over the summer.

For now I’d like you to meet Ida, a shepherd-lab cross who is the customer relations manager at one of my favorite little home decor stores. In this photo, she and her bunny are taking a break behind the service desk.

Although Ida is barely past puppyhood, she’s already a wise and gentle soul. She has a playful side, though, and...ah...yes...that’s a little bit of bunny stuffing on the floor by her cushion.

Many thanks to Ida and her mom, shop owner Kristiane, for letting me take this photo.

Until next time,


Rachel said...

Ida looks like a lovely dog, except that there is that bit of bunny stuffing a little too far from the bunny.

And is it my imagination, or does the rabbit look like it's exposing its neck for Ida's next snack time?

Marin Thomas said...

Ida looks like a sweetheart! I'm a dog lover so I'm looking forward to August when you blog about canines.


Lee McKenzie said...

Rachel, I'm pretty sure Ida and the bunny have reached an understanding...

Lee McKenzie said...

Hi, Marin! I'm a dog lover, too! Animal lover, actually!

Ros said...

Awwww! I, too, have a shepard-lab cross (Dodge), and they are such fun loving, energetic, and all around wonderful companions (not to mention perfect greeters)! Although my dog is lighter in colour, they're very similar looking, and even share the same pillow (not to mention an affinity for soft, stuffed 'friends').

Lee McKenzie said...

I'll bet Dodge is a sweetie! Does he have floppy ears like Ida? I love Ida's ears!