Sunday, May 24, 2009

Will the Real Lee McKenzie Please Stand Up?

That’s also the title of my post on the Harlequin American Romance Authors blog today. I hope you’ll drop by!

Today I’m also giving away an eBook copy of With This Ring (cover in the sidebar). For a chance to win, simply post a comment here and/or on the Harlequin American Romance Authors blog. For each comment you post, your name will be entered in the draw.

Winners will be announced tomorrow here on The Writer Side.

Until next time,


KareFree Kennels said...

Hi, Lee,

Thanks for putting me on your mailing list. I'm enjoying your blog.

Are you going to give me a short writing epiphany for my book on the craft of writing fiction? Would love one (short and sweet or up to 500 words, your choice).


KareFree Kennels said...

I forgot to say that my name is far too common...will have to write with a pen name.

Lee McKenzie said...

Hi, Sheryl! Thanks so much for visiting me at The Writer Side!

I will definitely send you an epiphany. Maybe two and you can choose.

I've always dreamed of writing under a pen name - the whole idea of becoming a different person is enticing - but I decided to stay with my real name.

I have also dabbled with YA and children's fiction. If I ever publish in that arena, I will likely use a pen name. Actually, I've already chosen one! After all, why have a dream if I don't follow through with it?!