Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Mad Writer’s Tea Party

I hope you’ve marked The Mad Writer’s Tea Party—Tuesday, March 24—on your calendar! I look forward to “seeing” you at this three-blog event.

Do you know which tea—white or green—has the most antioxidants? Or why some of the world’s best teas are grown high elevations? You’ll find out those things and more, and I'll be sharing some luscious tea recipes.

I also have lots of great giveaways, and I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about them.

Mini Tins of Tea from Silk Road

Angelwater—Tea of Serenity (subtle, sweet and mellow)
ingredients: spearmint leaves, lavender blossoms, rose petals, elder flowers, red clover

Philospher’s Brew—Tea of Enlightenment (luscious and lemony)
ingredients: lemongrass, citrus peel, rosehips, lavender blossoms

Casablanca—Moroccan Oasis (sweet spearmint and intense green tea)
ingredients: Chinese green tea, spearmint leaves

Shaped Teas from Silk Road

Dragon Tears—Tea of Prophecy (jasmine flavour with subtle green tea smoothness)
Hand-tied green tea rolled into the shape of small pearls that unfurl into the shape of a tear. Once the pearls, also known as rosettes, have unfurled, the pattern of the leaves foretell the future.

Sacred Ember—Iignites the Spirit (complex and nectar-like flavor)
A high-altitude Chinese white tea. This handcrafted tea symbolizes inner power and courage. It flowers under water to reveal a flame-colored lily blossom at its center.

If Tea Pots Could Talk
by Muriel Moffat
Copyright 2006, 80 pages. Chapters on “The Art of Making and Taking Tea” and “Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Empress.” There’s even a recipe section.
A Colorful Polka Dot Mug
and a 12-bag packet of Murchie’s Empress Afternoon Blend—a lovely blend of China, Darjeeling and Ceylon teas.
How can you win one of these wonderful prizes? Simply visit me here at The Writer Side of Life on Tuesday, March 24 and post a tea-related comment. Then follow the links to the Harlequin American Romance Authors and the Wet Noodle Posse blogs. For each comment you post, your name will be entered in the draw. A list of winners will be posted on Wednesday, March 25, here on The Writer Side.

Special thanks to Silk Road for allowing me use their beautiful photographs.

Until next time,


Jennifer Faye said...

What a great blog. I LOVE tea!!! I can't imagine starting a day without it. In the winter it's hot tea and the summer it's brewed iced tea. Yum!!!

Lee McKenzie said...

Hot or cold, I love it, too, Jennifer! Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Back again after having my tea fix. I prefer tea to coffee as well. Recently i was told about white tea and how good it was so bought some but it had mango flavoring and I wasnt impressed with it. Do you have a nice white tea brand> Thanks for the receipes of green tea lemonade. Will try it. Is the receipe for lemon concentrate grandma B's receipe as it sounds like the one my mom used to make. Since Im not very computer literate I hope you get this. Thanks Sandra

Lee McKenzie said...

Hi, Sandra! Thanks for coming to my tea party!

I would look for white tea in a specialty tea shop. It's an extremely mild, delicate tea, and I would think the mango might overpower that.

I've had that lemonade recipe for years, but can't remember where I got it. It wasn't one of my grandmother's, but it definitely seems like something she would have made.

penney said...

Those teas looks so good, thanks for the info on them

Lee McKenzie said...

You're welcome, Penney. I love the flowers in your profile photo. So cheerful!

Sara said...

Don't laugh - but ever since having tea at the Empress, I have ordered my tea from Murchie’s...both the Empress blend, and Buchart Gardens. They are my favorites...

Lee McKenzie said...

Sara, the Empress no longer serves Murchie's tea, but it's still one of my favorites. I'm impressed that you enjoyed your experience so much that you still order their tea.

countrygal said...

Hi Lee:
So good to hear from you again and know you are back to feeling well and ready to get that creative pen going again!!

I LOVE tea parties!! I have the remnants of a little blue willow tea set that my daughter had and my grandaughter and I love to have tea parties together. Her favorite tea is vanilla chai!!

I also have my Mother's collection of blue willow china including a complete tea set. I bring it out often when I want to remember good times with her and have my favorite tea. Nothing beats a few quiet moments in the day with a good cup of tea!!

Take care,
(from the little cottage in Cobble Hill!)

cas2ajs said...

I'm another tea lover. In fact, I'm passing the tradition down to my daughter. She likes hers with a little bit of honey.

Cheryl S.

Lee McKenzie said...

Hello, Dolly!

I know you get that all the time, but I couldn't resist!

If you ask me, it just doesn't get any better than a tea party with Grandma.

Thanks for your good wishes.

Lee McKenzie said...

Cheryl, my daughter is a tea drinker, too.

I think you're the first person today who's mentioned honey. I tend not to use it, but it can really add a whole dimension to a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

I am a total tea granny. I love all my different tea pots, and have a silver tea set of my mom's that I use, and one of my aunt's that I have as well.

I have a silver tea service at the ready for folks that drive into the country.

I adore tea.


Lee McKenzie said...

I have a silver tea service at the ready for folks that drive into the country.

Making it well worth the drive, I'm sure!

Thanks for joining the tea party, Jodie.