Sunday, February 8, 2009

In the Company of Writers and Friends

Not many things can top a day spent in the company of other writers. Yesterday was one of those un-top-able days. The Vancouver Island Chapter of Romance Writers of America held its annual Valentine’s luncheon and awards ceremony, and a fabulous time was had by all. We chatted and laughed and celebrated each other’s successes and achievements as we dined on grilled salmon and a luscious dessert of chocolate terrine and brandied strawberries. Yes, it was every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Chapter president Daniela Hewson, ever gracious, shared a few words with us.

And here we all are!

(l. to r.) Solveig McLaren, Meg Fraser, Ros Villers, Susan Lyons, Tara, Laurie McLoughlin, Shereen Vedam, Pat Huntley (foreground)

(l. to r.) Alice Valdal, Jo Beverley, Mimi Barbour, Reggi Allder, Daniela Hewson, (standing) Jane Wallace, Kathleen Lawless, Lorhainne Ekelund

(l. to r.) Terry McBride, Rachel Goldsworthy, Allison Gillard

Keynote speaker Jo Beverley, resplendent in red, shared some of her amazing experiences in the wonderful and sometimes wild and wacky world of publishing.

Achievements were applauded and awards were presented.

VIC presents a First Step Award to members who have taken that first in publishing by completing a first manuscript and submitting it to an editor or agent. Alice Valdal presented the awards to this year’s recipients: Daniela Hewson, Mimi Barbour and Terry McBride. Congratulations!

Lorhainne Ekelund received a Stepping Stone for her sale to Wild Rose Press. Lorhainne, I hope you’ll drop by and tell us more about your sale.

Jo Beverley, Susan Lyons and I received Feather awards for publishing achievements. It’s always nice to have a feather your cap, and these gorgeous peacock feathers have been carved into actual writing quills. Thanks to Rachel Goldsworthy for organizing this.

Alice Valdal proudly displays the celebrated VIVA (Vancouver Island Volunteer Award) for her dedicated service to the chapter. The list of Alice’s contributions is too long to post here, but suffice to say that this award is most well deserved.

Susan Lyons, this year’s luncheon coordinator, did an outstanding job of organizing a very special day. Here she is with Daniela, receiving a small token of thanks from the chapter.

An altogether wonderful day in the company of writers and friends.



anita birt said...

What a super blog, Lee. I feel deprived for missing the event. The pictures were wonderul. We are a very handsome group, are we notÉ

I'm happy the day was so special for so many of our members receiving various awards. My back is improving, slowly.

Lee McKenzie said...

We missed you, Anita! Hugs on the bad back. So pleased to hear you're starting to feel better.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pictures, Lee. You always do such a great job for the chapter! It was almost like being there.

Congratulations to all who won awards.


Lee McKenzie said...

Wish you had been there, Edna! You were missed.