Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Food for Thought—Trick or Treat

Happy Hallowe'en!

No recipes today. Instead, I’m reminiscing about the treats I remember getting as a child. I grew up in a rural community and everyone knew everyone else, so there was a real social component to trick or treating. And that was long before any concerns about treats being tampered with, so lots of people still handed out homemade goodies. Remember those days?

* candied apples on a stick
* homemade cookies
* popcorn balls wrapped in waxed paper
* Rice Krispie treats
* peanut brittle
* full-sized chocolate bars and bags of potato chips
* Kraft caramels by the handful

Yum! What were your favorites?

Until next time,


Gillian Layne said...

I loved those rice krispee treats! And big gooey popcorn balls. Yes, the homemade candies were the best. Now you would be marched down to the local police station.

We had a very warm Halloween, yet a small amount of trick or treaters. It gets smaller every year. A lot of organized parties take the place of the walking, I think.

Lee McKenzie said...

Gillian, we definitely grew up in different times.

Kinder, gentler times? I like to think so.

At my house this year we had eight trick-or-treaters, and three university students who said they were collecting for the food bank. Or possibly hoping to feed themselves till Christmas? LOL, who knows! I support higher education, so I gave them some canned goods.

It's sad that fewer kids go door to door, but I also understand why parents are so cautious these days. As I said, different times.

This year I especially enjoyed a neighbor's two children - a four-year-old fairy princess and her baby sister dressed as a grey kitten. So adorable! And far more interested in talking my ear off than in any candy I had to offer.