Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Beluga!

Yesterday’s visitors to the Vancouver Aquarium had the rare opportunity to watch the birth of a baby beluga! After a fifteen-month pregnancy, the aquarium’s newest mom, Qila, went into labor and delivered her baby at 4:30 in the afternoon. Qila, who was also born at the aquarium and is a first-time mom, is bonding well with her baby, as you can see from their photo.

Aquarium staff think the calf is a girl, but this is still to be confirmed. We do know she’s approximately five feet long and weighed in at more than one hundred pounds! Here's a video of the auspicious event.

Welcome to world, baby beluga!


Anonymous said...

Birth is such a magical thing, human, bird or whale.

It amazes me how functional other creatures are so early – that beluga just swam up for a big breath of air, and the donkey you posted about last week was walking around almost right away.
Then there's the contrast – the sparrow babies outside my house that are clamouring for food even when they're as big as the parents! And I won't get into human teenagers (g)


Lee McKenzie said...

Rachel said:
"I won't get into human teenagers"

LOL, no! We won't go there!

The latest from the whale pool is that mom, Qila, was tired after the birth, so Aurora, her mother and the baby's grandmother, joined them for a couple hours. Three generations!

Once Qila regained her strength and started showing more interest in her baby, grandma was moved back to a different pool.

As of this morning, Qila and baby have bonded and are nursing successfully.