Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Office—"Hey, Pam . . . "

Have you ever noticed that when TV writers finally get two characters together, the conflict between them often evaporates and the couple is no longer interesting? Not so with Jim and Pam on The Office.

Last week the show returned from hiatus with Michael and Jan hosting the dinner party from hell and then finally calling it quits. This week, Michael’s biological clock was ticking. He wants to have a family, and he’s also shopping for a new chair for his office. The chair model in the supply catalogue turns out to be the perfect woman for him, with only one minor hitch. She died in a car accident.

To console Michael, Pam sets him up with her landlady, who happens to be a very nice woman, just not hot enough for Michael. That situation creates a perfect transition from the episode’s main plotline to some lovely Jim-and-Pam banter.

If Pam’s landlady kicks her out, she can move in with Jim.

Except she won’t move in unless they’re engaged.

Has he really not proposed yet?

Pam raises her ringless hand for inspection.

Then, in one of those fabulous vignettes with Jim talking to the camera, he shows us the ring he bought a week after they started dating.

The promise of Jim’s proposal will keep fans of The Office coming back for more. I can’t begin to guess what the writers have in store for us, but I’ll bet Jim’s proposal will kick everyone’s butt!

"Hey, Pam. Will you wait for me one second while I tie my shoe?"

Yes, Jim. We're all waiting.

Here's what I'm watching tonight:

Brothers & Sisters is back!

I'll also be tuning in to Sweet Nothings in My Ear, a made-for-TV movie staring Marlee Matlin - a family drama about a deaf and hearing couple who struggle to decide whether or not to give their deaf son a cochlear implant.

And of course Marlee's still a contender on Dancing With The Stars!


Anonymous said...

Very cute clip!

I don't even watch The Office and I loved it! Maybe you've got a convert here.

Will definitely check out Brothers and Sisters, though. I've been waiting for the second season to hit my video store and I'm getting too impatient. Might have to stay awake and watch it on TV.

One show I discovered last Saturday night is New Tricks on a PBS station: four British cops called out of retirement to work for a middle-aged woman on a small detective unit on the police force. The characters were all so different that even watching for the first time I had no trouble following and enjoying the story lines.
Then I forgot to watch it last night. Sigh.


Lee McKenzie said...

Rachel, The Office is definitely worth checking out.

The British series on PBS sounds intriguing. Thanks for the recommendation!