Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lee’s Excellent News!

I’ve had two very exciting weeks, beginning with a phone call from my editor on September 28. Yes, you guessed it. I've sold two more books to Harlequin American Romance! My first sale was the thrill of a lifetime—nothing can beat it!—but in many ways this sale feels like more of a validation. I am a writer!

And I’m so excited about these new projects. The stories are about two young career women—best friends—who live and work in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Rory Borland is a second grade teacher in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Jess Bennett runs a little bar in the South of Market district. They’re not just happy being single, they’re committed to it.

But then Mitch Donovan, firefighter and single dad, walks into Rory’s classroom and life takes on a whole new meaning for both of them, and for the little girl whose biggest wish is to see her dad smile again.

Winery CEO Michael Morgan literally sweeps Jess off her feet, but she’s soon wondering if he’s as interested in her as he is in her business.

No titles or publication dates yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

This week I received my author copies of my December book, With This Ring. That’s the cover in the sidebar. Gorgeous, isn’t it? But the photo really doesn’t do it justice. The colors are deeper and richer, and I am completely thrilled with it! With This Ring will be out on December 4, and then you can see for yourself.

Till tomorrow,

PS: The new season of my current favorite TV show, Men in Trees, premieres tomorrow. Anyone else out there who’s been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for their next Elmo fix?


Anonymous said...

COngratulations on the sale of two more books, Lee! That is AWESOME! I'm anxiously awaiting the first of November, so I can order With This Ring from eHarlequin, and now I have two more books to look forward to reading. I'm thrilled for you.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on the sale, Lee! A two-book deal, too – that's wonderful. And as you say, yet another validation that you're in the right line of work.

I'm looking forward to Men in Trees tomorrow night – I've been on tenterhooks to find out what happens with Sara, Jack, the cute squatter at Marin's place…

Susan Lyons said...

Wonderful news, Lee. You deserve it! And yes, while the first sale is incredible, a writer always has the secret fear that that's going to be it. A second 2-book sale is great validation.

I'm another one who's looking forward to Men in Trees.

Meretta said...

Congratulations, Lee! I love to hear good news like this. :)

Lee McKenzie said...

Sheryll, Rachel, Susan and Meretta - thanks for the support. And thanks for validating my validation!

Lee McKenzie said...

So many fans of Men in Trees! So great to see.

I'm looking forward to some yummy Jack and Marin moments, of course, but I won't object if Marin has a little Cash on the side. After all, Jack did ask someone else to marry him, and Cash is so worthy of whatever, um, attention Marin decides to give him :)

I also can't wait to see what happens with Sara and Eric, Patrick and Annie, and especially Jane and Plow Guy. Those two are so adorable together.

Lots of romance to go around, but I love all the other character interactions in this show, too. Buzz and Mai, the perennial stool-warmers in the bar . . . the characters are well developed, the romances are well developed, the community is well developed.

For me it's one of the most impressive shows I've seen on television in a long time.

And it's back tomorrow night. Finally!

MaryF said...



Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Mary. Yes, a firefigher! His story is my current project and I am completely in love with him!

Karen said...


Love the cover for With This Ring! Can't wait to see it on the shelves.

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Karen! They did a wonderful job of the cover for With This Ring. I'm completely thrilled with it!

Cindy Procter-King said...

Congratulations, Lee!!!

Oh, and I watched Men in Trees on Sunday finally, and loved it. What a great season opener.